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Powder of Projection Lapis Mineralis Philosopher's Stone Transmutation Alchemy Definition

Alchemy of Steven School, for research or informational purposes only, do not try this at home. YouTube video. In ancient hermetic alchemy, a "philosopher's stone" according to writings attributed to an alchemist called hollandus, such an alchemy stone of the mineral realm, not the plant or animal philosopher's stones, but a philosopher's stone made from mineral elements with alchemy, was called lapis mineralis. A "stone" theoretically of or for, metals or minerals. Projection, alchemy, wikipedia Once the Philosopher's stone or powder of projection had been created, the process of projection would be used to transmute a lesser substance into a higher form; often lead into gold. Typically, the process is described as casting a small portion of the Stone into a molten base metal. credit wikipedia. Click on image below for more information. 

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The glass "pelican" (lower far right) was used for circulation. The alembic (left) was used for distillation.  

The invention of the glass alembic for alchemy provided faster and better distillations than the retort. The important feature of this alchemical glassware is the drip rail in the distillation head. "Zur Verbesserung der Wasser" translated from German to English means "To improve the water", an important point to consider when studying primitive or ancient alchemy. Ships To America.     

The Philosopher's Stone Puzzle by Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel. 

3. Who wrote the hermetica?
8. Which alchemical substance was attributed to biblical life spans?
9. What is plant alchemy called?
10. What is the catalyst for a philosopher's stone recipe?
11. What is the name of the ancient science of kings?
12. What is another term for alchemical gold?
13. Who is the creator of the Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel?
14. What did alchemist's call a liquid utilized to extract the essence of a substance?
1. What are the ingredients of the philosopher's stone?
2. Who is the author of The New Chemical Light?
4. What biblical figure was considered to be an alchemist?
5. Who taught alchemy to Michael Sendivogius?
6. What is another name for Azoth in alchemy?
7. What was the first alchemy booklet published by Steven School?
8. What is another name for the philosopher's stone?

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The Dry Path Of Alchemy Practical Development Of The Great Work By Steven School All Rights Reserved Do Not Try This At Home. Alchemy Documentary Red Lion Dry Path 

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 What is alchemy? Theory by Steven School. July 15th 2019. All things were created from the four elements yet the bible tells us that "GOD" is the creator of all things. When "GOD" appeared to Moses "he" was fire. When "GOD" split the rock "he" was water. "GOD" then, is the very nature of nature itself, the four elements earth wind water and fire.

What are the rules of alchemy? The four elements combine to form the fifth element which is the manna from heaven or "GOD" in the flesh, the supernatural son of the sun or that which returns each spring to bring life back into the world.To bring life to all things that hath life, to every tree, every plant, every herb yielding seed, to every mineral that grows in the caverns, and to every thing which walks crawls slithers or flies upon above or below the face of the earth including the sea. The universal life force energy is one which animates all living things. From this one thing come all things by adaptation. Alchemists related this to a white "stone".  MATTHEW 5:13   Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. 

 Alchemy of Steven School. 

Red sulfur alchemy YouTube video.


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How long does the black stage of alchemy last? Excerpt from A Work of Saturn Johann Isaac Hollandus
From Of natural & supernatural things. London, 1670. 
you may finish a work of Saturn in 30 or 32 weeks at the most.

alchemy green lion


                the philosopher's stone book.                               



                                1 Introduction

                                2 Ancient Medicines

                                3 The Secret Fire

                                4 The Philosopher’s Stone

                                5 The Gualdus Wet Path

                                6 The Sendivogius Method

                                7 The Flamel Dry Path

                                8 Metallic Transmutation

                                9 Alchemical Gemstones

                                10 Theory Of Time Travel


 Elixir of life alchemy by Steven School. Do not try this at home. 



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This was an alchemy experiment i did simmering "golden water" extracted from iron pyrite. Alchemy of Steven School.

 The Truth of the Philosopher's Stone: Magnalia Naturae Kindle Edition
by Johann Joachim Becher (Author) 

The Truth of the Philosopher’s Stone or Magnalia Naturae is a story about a search for the philosopher’s stone. It is about an Austrian friar named Wenceslaus Seilerus, who searches to transmute stone into precious metals. According to Dr. Becher’s account, the friar truly did manage to turn stone into precious metals and this story is the record of Wenceslaus Seilerus’ alchemical achievement.


The book of totally irresponsible science




A few grains of material from one of Steven School's alchemy experiments with iron pyrite was folded into a small piece of lead from a fishing weight pounded flat with a hammer on a steel axe head, the mass was melted and kept in fusion for five minutes which left a black soot covered lump, that molten mass was dripped upon with cold water to clean and cool it, the cold water hitting the molten mass caused it to separate into two groups by weight, heavy and light, the lead was on top since it was lighter, here is the result of the experiment. (I believe that iron is an important factor in the equation) 
         8/7/2016   The dry path of alchemy.
The "stone" used may or may not be similar to what the ancient alchemists referred to as the Red Stone of the first order, not having been multiplied. Notice that the lead did not stick to the axe head, but the colored material did, as if melted or fused to it. It is known in jewelry making that gold can appear in different colors when it is alloyed with another metal. Gold alloys can be purple, blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, copper colored or even red when 80 percent pure gold is alloyed with other metals such as copper for example. Silver is sometimes alloyed with gold and can produce a green hue. Some people attribute the color of yellow gold to the element of sulfur. (I am not saying this is gold, i never had it tested). Steven School alchemy experiment.     


from the writings of Michael Sendivogius. when the earth is of a ruddy color and the water is almost red, you should open the vessel and dip a feather into it. With this feather smear a morsel of iron and see if it be tinged. credit, Michael Sendivogius.

A note from Steven School about the differences between iron and steel which may be of relevance to the difference in some of the other metals as well. Iron is an element while steel is an alloy of iron with chromium and a small amount of carbon.  In hard rock gold mining it is generally considered to be a common belief that gold is often found in limonite veins wherein iron pyrite crystals have oxidized.   


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The ancient sages believed that the building blocks of nature infused with life force energy could be taken from the plant kingdom and changed into vital medicines. This work is a tribute to Pliny The Elder who was both an alchemist and author 2000 years ago in the first century.





 The medieval sages believed that all things were composed of philosophical salt sulfur and mercury, and thus through secret alchemical processes matter could theoretically be reduced back into their basic elements. The idea was that through calcination, dissolution, purification and reunification various herbs or minerals could be multiplied into an exalted substance. The basic theory of the ancient philosophers was that lead represented the "body" of gold while missing its sulfur element, and further that perhaps another metallic ore might contain the golden sulfur housed in the improper receptacle. In the realm of mineral alchemy the color red is often associated with the element of fire, which Nicholas Flamel called Mars, the stout and valiant God of war. Other terminology for this subject included the fiery red king, and the dragon. In this video we shall embark upon an alchemical journey into natures mystery which is influenced by the works of Michael Sendivogius. Red lion alchemy of Steven School.

The ancient "sages" seemed to make reference in their alchemical writings to the calx of fine gold and the weights of the wise. Some of them may have also called this material the red lion, or the treasure of the red lion as well as sulfur incombustible, and sulfur of the sun. We will examine here more thoroughly the depth and scope of Steven School's alchemy work with iron pyrite, perhaps illuminating the ancient hermetic art. alchemy red lion?

Alchemy Experiment Pictures

The bible speaks of eternal life for those who unlock its mystery which has been shrouded in secrecy throughout the sands of time. ST MATTHEW 5:13 Ye are the salt of the earth; but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? Proverbs 3:16 Blessed is he who finds wisdom, she is more precious than jewels, nothing you desire compares with her, long life is in her right hand, in her left hand are riches and honor, all her ways are pleasant, and all her paths are peace.

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 The Athanor is an important part of practical laboratory alchemy. in this video we will demonstrate the basic fundamentals of construction as well as the practical application of this medieval furnace. this ancient device is still very important today for those who are interested in the hermetic art. important discoveries are made in the tower of secrets. as Paracelsus himself said, those who have never put their hand to the fire will never understand the hermetic art. this video is part of a series of DVDs and booklets on the subject of alchemy. it is a silent film and a great work. note the interesting color changes which occurred unexpectedly to the cast iron during the making of this film. 24 minutes.




Illuminating the hermetic mystery and exploring the ancient art of alchemy for those who have eyes to see.