Iron pyrite alchemy


Alchemy with iron pyrite by Steven School. Do not try this at home. Not for consumption. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information presented here. This Information is not advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person. You have been warned.  

Alchemy and the green lion by Steven School.

Alchemy and the golden water by Steven School.

This page is about alchemy with iron pyrite by Steven School.

This type of alchemy was called the metal acetate path which involved metallic ore as well as acetic acid or vinegar.  


Mortar & Pestle

30 percent vinegar


Steven School alchemy experiments with iron pyrite philosopher's stone research. Do Not Try This At Home. 


Crystallization of an orangish reddish alchemy stone made by distilling the blood of the green lion and sealing it in a borosilicate flask with a piece of gold. This was in a pot filled with sand and set on a wood burning stove.   (image above)

This red alchemy stone coagulated is the same flask from the image on the right, it was baked in hot sand bath and became this. Is it the philosopher's stone of alchemy? i did a further experiment and added the red powder from calcined green lion which was a mistake. this stone was ruined and tossed out without testing on metals. 

In this image (above) i was distilling my alchemy  green lion extracted from iron pyrite in a retort to get the clear distillate which i call the blood of the green lion. metal acetate path. Alchemist's may have called this green vitriol? color changes from beginning yellow, green, black, clear distillate. 

Golden water extracted from iron pyrite by Steven School. 

During my alchemy research with iron pyrite i found and separated 1, a yellow or "golden water", 2 a green evaporate of said "water" which may or may not be an alchemy green lion, acetate or vitriol? 3 a clear liquid from distilling the carefully dried green material per retort in which the matter turned black and a clear distillate came over the helm, 4 dissolving the remaining black earth in warm vinegar and filtering it, evaporating this to a super saturated solution then leaving it set overnight on a counter top in a beaker covered lightly with a coffee filter precipitated a white salt? material which seemed to color the liquid like that of liquid gold, 5 calcining or roasting the leftover iron pyrite going through color changes like that of a peacocks tail before reaching final fixed redness, this material was allowed to cool i labeled it red lion. 6 i placed some of this "red lion" in a pickle jar and added white vinegar from the grocery store lightly covering the top with plastic wrap. a red oil like substance precipitated to the top or floated on the surface which i carefully collected using a spoon. i believe alchemists might have called this oil of gold or dragons blood. 7 i did another similar extraction with more leftover iron pyrite roasted to redness but i filtered the solution and evaporated it to a clear metallic? salt which reminded me of the writings of Paracelsus "clear as liquid crystal and in it remain all the force and strength". quoted from memory. written by Steven School.      



I distilled my alchemy green lion per retort receiving volatile salt and clear distillate blood of the green lion which i placed in this closed alchemy flask as a hermetical wedding experiment. A peacock's tail. alchemy of Steven School. (Image above) 

Here is one of my alchemy hermetical wedding experiment images with the volatile white salt and clear distillate distilled from my green lion. Alchemy of Steven School. (Image above)  Sealed flask.

Alchemy hermetical wedding experiment with the flask left open. Imbibing the white salt with blood of the green lion. Alchemy of Steven School. (Image above)

Continuing the imbibitions. (Image above) Continuation of work from image at left. 


Alchemy transmutation experiment. Volatile white salt and green lion calcined to redness. Alchemy of Steven School. (Image above)

I had ground Iron pyrite in a mortar and pestle then heated it on high with a electric hotplate. I then casted powdered flowers of sulfur onto the hot pyrite which created a rock hard red stone like material that was very hard to grind to powder. I sprinkled that on molten lead. (Image above) Alchemy of Steven School. Do Not Try This At Home! 

This is the fixed salt of iron pyrite which i extracted by roasting the ore through all the color changes from the original yellow through blue, the peacock's tail, purple, and the final fixed red. i then extracted this alchemical red lion with a white vinegar based menstruum before filtering and evaporating to reveal this metallic salt. Alchemical manuscripts of Paracelsus mention purifying as clear as liquid crystal. The green lion of alchemy was also encountered in this work because i extracted the golden water first as indicated in old alchemist manuscripts about the philosopher's stone of alchemy and the great work of the magnum opus. Theophrastus Paracelsus wrote of two extractions with vinegar separated by calcination in a reverberatory furnace. A few notes on roasting iron pyrite in alchemy is that alchemist manuscripts mentioned toxic fumes probably from the sulfides burning off, also it cracks in the intense heat and can throw hot pieces in the air burning eyes or skin. 

This "red oil of gold" i extracted from iron pyrite. In alchemy, red is often associated with the fiery male sulfur element. I roasted iron pyrite through all the colors of the peacock's tail to the final fixed red and then extracted it for quite some time with white vinegar. The jar was left undisturbed and this "oil" floated on top of the "water" where i carefully separated it with a spoon. Genesis 1:2 KJV. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. In alchemical texts this red oil has been called thr red oil of gold, dragons blood and many other things. It may be toxic. I remember reading an alchemist manuscript somewhere in the distantpast which read "Of the vinegar they make two mercuries, one white and the other red".     


Alchemist Secret Of Nature. A Perfect Repetition Of Nature's Rain Cycle Within The Glass. Alchemy Secret Of Secrets. Alchemy Secret Oven. Alchemy Secrets Of The Philosopher's Stone? Alchemy Of Steven School. Do Not Try This At Home. My alchemistsecret oven is the best i have come up with for alchemy work efficient without burning the matter. 

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What color is a philosopher's stone alchemy?

Red alchemy stone in hot sand bath (Balneum Siccum) made by Steven School with Iron Pyrite, Vinegar and Gold through alchemical processes. The secret water alkahest derived from alchemy metal acetate path is supposed to dissolve gold and gem stones to form a new stone or compound in a glorified new body exalted or resurrected in a perfect state. 

Dragons blood of Steven School alchemy. Fiery male sulfur aspect the red man to the white wife alchemy chymical wedding fiery red king.